The Cloaked Quarrel

In 1938, archaeologist Dirk Cullen, aided by the alluring Miss Ling and plucky Takeo, helped several families flee turmoil in China. Among the handful of items they took with them was the legendary Jade Bow, said to be a gift from the gods. The refugees and artifact arrived in Bay City, Oregon, where they stayed for several decades.

Sometime later, a gang stole the bow and brought it to Empire City in New York, where a rookie police officer found it. As “Toxaris the Sniper,” Robyn Fitzwalter fought crime and supervillains until her untimely demise at the hands of the Cremator.

The great bow, broken and forgotten, passed to Fitzwalter’s partner Jim Marx, who later moved to Hamilton, Delaware. Recently, Kyle Martins, a college student and fan of Toxaris’ exploits, obtained the relic’s remains and vowed to carry on Fitzwalter’s fight for justice.

After several months of study and experimentation, Martins has placed pieces of the Jade Bow and its silvery strings into two folding crossbows mounted on vambraces that fit under his voluminous opera cape. As “The Cloaked Quarrel,” this latter-day man of mystery has honed his body and mind and wields his mystical weapons in a never-ending struggle. He is excited to learn that he is not alone….

The Cloaked Quarrel

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