Seventh Legion
The original members of Hamilton’s first superhero group founded in 1963:

• The Amazing Mr. Fantastic
• Blaze
• Brass Man
• Hangin’ Judge
• Harrier
• Red Planet

The following members joined in the 1970s. The group disbanded in 1985:

• Sparrow
• Karma
• Maxwell’s Demon
• White Knight

The Graveyard Shift
A supernatural group of villains loosely affiliated with the Coven. Known members:

• Shard
• Ghost Owl
• Jaguar Knight
• Cremator

Soldiers of Mother Cockroach
Cockroach-themed super villain group.

• Death’s Head
• Discoid
• Hisser
• Palmetto
• Tarakan


The Conclave
Hamilton’s loose confederation of occultists. It’s more like a self-advisory council or club than a proactive force. Its current members are:

• Merlin: current head of the Conclave (King’s Gate)
• White Magus: older gentleman and occult scholar (Fairmont)
• Rainer Burroughs: street mage and occultist; MIA since 2011 (King’s Gate)
• Papa Chango: eccentric mystic and voudoun (Germantown)
• Kunzang Tenzin: Tibetan monk (Germantown)
• Rebekah Dejardines: retired enchantress (King’s Gate)
• Metion the Wind Lord: represents the Red & Blue Society (The Annex)

The Red & Blue Society
Hamilton’s original occult group dating back to the 19th century. Primarily for rich eccentrics and dabblers. Engage in bizarre secret rituals and esoteric codes of conduct.

The Coven (NYC)
Mostly evil and arrogant sorcerous organization. Famous members:

• Erichtho
• Mazzeri or “Dream Hunter”
• Rasayana or “Alchemy”
• Shard

The Black School (Boston)
Very old (17th century) magical college. Prominent members include:

• Witchhammer
• Valravn or “Carrion Crow”
• Nethryk the Whisperer
• Shadow Queen
• Ragworm

Sorcerers of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia)
Known members:

• Soul Mage

Zodiac (NYC)
Known members:

• Arcane

Masters of the Green Flame (NYC)
Known members:

• Kerbala


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