HAMILTON (“Glass City”)

Area: 117.3 sq miles
Population: 1,050,000
White: 35.3% (370,650)
Black: 53.4% (560,700)
Asian: 4.2% (44,100)
Mixed/Other: 7.1% (74,550)
(Hispanic of any Race): 8.1% (85,050)

Annual Murders: 300-475
Police: 5,448
Firefighters: 3,150
Economy: Oryx Industries, Stevens Inneman Refractory Company (SIRC), Eden Institute, D. J. Sharrif, Inc.
Colleges: 20
Museums: 11
Hospitals: Hamilton General, Fairmont, All Saints, Massaqua Free Clinic
Government: Mayor, City Council (12 members, 2 from each district)

District 1: Central
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
a) Fort Prescott: Historical area encompassing the first settlements. Notable for parks, museums and academics. Now a yuppie residential zone that used to be a working wharf replaced by South Market after WWII.
b) Downtown: Mini-skyscrapers, offices, shops, theaters, restaurants. Contains city library, government, city hall and mayor’s residence.
c) Germantown: Residential. Enclave for German 19th century immigrants and now Jamaican/Dominican.

District 2: East
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
d) Indian Beach: Very fashionable in 50s and early 60s. Still known for exclusive country clubs.
e) Memorial Park: Residential. Named for park and associated zoo.
f) Whitehead: Summer hotspot. Beach, watersports, sailing.

District 3: North
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
g) Kings Gate: Where the wealthy/old money lives.
h) Penn Station: Named for train station. Thriving restaurants. Home to Fairmont College.
i) Glassworks: Abandoned factories from glassmaking era.

District 4: Northwest
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
j) Appoquinimink: Residential. Stereotypical suburbia – highest rated school system.
k) Odessa: Middle class residential. Ranch and track homes.
l) Fairmont: Blight of the city – urban poor and high crime. Two major hospitals: Fairmont and All Saints.

District 5: South
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
m) Nantego: Primarily residential, with some retail shops and cafés.
n) Maple Plains: Suburban buffer zone between Hamilton and Dover.
o) South Market: Working commercial dock, focus on food and flowers. No real heavy industry remains.

District 6: West
Divided into three administrative sub-districts:
p) Smyrna: Neighborhood that thrives despite being wedged between Glassworks and the Annex.
q) Garrison’s Lake: Former suburbia added to the city limits.
r) Annex: Urban experiment now developed into low-income housing. Russian mafia has strong presence.


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