The Stranger - Samuel Adams Jackson

Former Buffalo Soldier and outlaw from the 19th Century released from Purgatory and does not want to go back.


Role-player: Beruk Ambatchew

Player Character name: The Stranger – Samuel Adams Jackson

Campaign: Jason’s Glassworks

*Basic Abilites: 24

  • _PROWESS 4

*Powers: 19

    STRIKE 5
  • _SERVANT 6 <4>
    <limit />

*Specialties 2

  • Investigation
  • Melee weapons
  • Stamina 8
  • Determination 1 (include minus 1 for team
  • Qualities
    The last Buffallo Soldier
    Been to Hell and Back
    Learn from experience
  • Challenges
    Hounds of Hell are nipping at my heels
    Binding contract
    Fish out of water
  • Species/race: African American Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Age (and apparent human age, if relevant): 32
  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 185 pds
  • Hair, complexion: African American, wearing typical western outfit with duster and hat
  • _Equipment, has holster for two revolvers, One Calvary Schofield revolver and one hold Schofield revolver. He also has a magical custom designed Lemat Revolver, which he keeps in his saddle bag he carries with him. And he has a 1874 Sharps rifle single shot high caliber, a bowie knife and a bull whip

After an incident involving a rogue Native American Tribe and his company of soldiers, he deserted after confronting a superior officer in a bad way. Not before a Shaman cursed him. After dying by at the hands of others who finally nabbed him. He waited in Purgatory, which was a lone town in the Netherworld. After a while, he managed to get a deal to go back to Earth to round up a group of people who escaped the town. He got most of the people on the list, but is not in a rush to fulfill his contract and face judgement. Looking for a loophole and a way to make amends to buy his soul back.

Otherwise, he is just you typical cowboy/gunslinger…, with a little demon in him.

The Stranger - Samuel Adams Jackson

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