Santanico Pandemonium

The "Alter-Ego" of Summer Winters (female human nurse.)


Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8

Distinctions (d4, +1PP or d8)

  • Demonic
  • “Anyting for my family!”
  • Full of rage

Power Sets

  • Elemental Control- Fire D10 (SFX: Fire Immunity)
  • SuperStrength- D10 (SFX: Beserk)
  • Enhanced Durabilty- D8 (SFX: CounterAttack)[Physical/Physical]
  • Wings- D6 {SFX: Wing buffet/whirlwind [Creates scene effect]
  • Limitiation: Religious Dread. Power shutdown when confroted with people/items with true religious conviction.


  • Combat: D10
  • Intimidation: D8
  • Mystic Expert: D8
  • Medicine: D8 (Human half)

Milestones (Road to Justice)
+1 XP when you resist using your Beserk skill.
+3 XP when you resist killing someone to further the cause of justice.
+10 XP when you obtain justice on your enemies.

Santanico Pandemonium

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